1) Analog Time Display

2) Dual Analog status display (Energy Reserve on the left subdial, Activity and/or Steps on the right subdial)

3) Low Energy Wireless Syncing (Logged Data Syncing, Sleep records)

4) Activity tracking based on movement (Steps, Movement, Sleep)

5) Heart rate based on optical sensor

6) Kinetic Charging

7) Charging using a USB charging cable

Our mobile application is called Sequent SuperCharger and can be found both on Google Play and Apple App Store

● double-tap the watch crown
● after first wake-up, wait 10 seconds then place the watch on charger for a full charge (approximately 1 hour)

To conserve as much power as we can

Open your mobile application. Then tap twice the watch crown, you will see a blue flash. If needed, tap "scan again" in the application. Your Sequent watch will be listed there, you can connect by tapping on it.

● single blue flash confirms the watch has been awakened by double tapping the crown
● blue flickering means the watch is connected to the phone and is transmitting information
● single long red flash means watch pairing has been reset/failed
● red pulsing shows when Heart rate sensor is active
● yellow blinking indicates charging

In the application’s top left corner you can see both the battery level and the watch firmware version

Double tap

● to wake the watch and start advertising for connection

Long press for 2 seconds then quick tap twice (LED will flash purple once to confirm)
● Initiate basic sports mode
● Watch hands countdown 30 minutes
● HR models will measure HR once every 5 minutes

Long press for 2 seconds then quick tap four times (LED will flash purple twice to confirm)
● Initiate detailed sports mode (begin in-depth activity tracking)
● Watch hands countdown 60 minutes
● HR models will measure HR once every 2 minutes
● e-GPS will be triggered to start recording if signal is available.
Warning: When Detailed Sport Mode is on please expect a higher energy consumption, you might need to charge your watch after. 

Long press for 30 seconds and then tap 10 times
● for full watch reset

Triple tap
● to end sport mode and return to regular time display.

Quadruple tap
● to initiate HR quick read.

● Tap 4 times quickly to initiate a quick measurement (lower accuracy, display up to 119 HR)
● The watch will move hands to 12:00 and flash the Red LED to indicate it is reading the HR.
● After 15-45 seconds the hands will move to display the HR with the watch hands.
● Hour hand indicates first digits between 1-11, and Minute hand indicates second digit between 1-9. (ex: 6:15 = 63, 7:30 = 76, 11:05 = 111)

please have your watch on the charger when performing a firmware update.

Those parts contain 316L Steel:
- strap pins
- charging pins
- case screws

● Low Energy Wireless (2.4 GHz)
● Lithium Polymer Battery 3.7V 140mAh
● 4 Analog hands
● 1 Crown (push button input)

● Android 6.0 - 10
● iOS 10 - 13