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Our mobile application is called Sequent SuperCharger and can be found both on Google Play and Apple App Store:

  • double-tap the watch crown
  • after first wake-up, wait 10 seconds then place the watch on charger for a full charge (approximately 1 hour)

to save as much watch power as we can

force-close it in the task manager and start it again

Open your mobile application. Then tap twice the watch crown, you will see a blue flash. If needed, tap "scan again" in the application. Your Sequent watch will be listed there, you can connect by tapping on it.

  • single blue flash confirms the watch has been awakened by double tapping the crown
  • blue flickering means the watch is connected to the phone and is transmitting information
  • singe long red flash means watch pairing has been reset/failed
  • red pulsing shows when Heart rate sensor is active
  • yellow blinking indicates charging
  • green blinking indicates fully charged

In the application’s top left corner you can see both the battery level and the watch firmware version