Our mobile application is called Sequent SuperCharger and can be found both on Google Play and Apple App Store

Double-tap the watch crownafter first wake-up, wait 10 seconds then place the watch on charger for a full charge (approximately 1 hour)

To save as much watch power as we can

Open your mobile application. Then tap twice the watch crown, you will see a blue flash. If needed, tap "scan again" in the application. Your Sequent watch will be listed there, you can connect by tapping on it.

Single blue flash confirms the watch has been awakened by double tapping the crown blue flickering means the watch is connected to the phone and is transmitting information singe long red flash means watch pairing has been reset/failed red pulsing shows when Heart rate sensor is active yellow blinking indicates charging green blinking indicates fully charged

In the application’s top left corner you can see both the battery level and the watch firmware version

Those parts contain 316L Steel:
- strap pins
- charging pins
- case screws