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Financial Times

As the owner of a smartwatch that has gathered dust in a drawer for months now, I am a common statistic. Around three in 10 smartwatch owners abandon their devices when they tire of having to charge them.  Sequent, a young Swiss brand, has a fix...


As our readers know, we don’t usually cover quartz or connected watches at MONOCHROME. But the news that two acquaintances, Harry Guhl and Adrian Buchmann , have developed a smartwatch piqued our curiosity...

Oracle Time

a brand that I’ve actually been following for a while now and had my first opportunity to try theSuperCharger HR 2.1out over a year ago. This time round I’ve got the latest Sequent Elektron HR 2.2.

Forbes (czech)

...Smart watches have one major problem. You have to charge them constantly, and when you run out of battery, the cutting-edge technology on your wrist turns into a piece of useless plastic and metal....

Watchfinder & co

Review: Sequent Elektron HR 2.2.

Scrolling through Instagram, I saw the NASA logo, I saw it on a watch, and my brain had already decided I wanted to know more. Can this Sequent Elektron HR 2.2 live up to the NASA name?

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Time + Tide

The Sequent Smart-Ass is bound to excite your inner couch potato.

Smart watches are among the more divisive topics in horological circles. Some call for them to be lynched as they threaten the pure, mechanical souls of their 18th century technology. Others, however tolerate their presence or even claim them to be the future. Whichever camp you fall into, simply calling the Sequent Smart-Ass a smart watch would be doing it a great disservice, as it brings interest on the fronts of design and technology

Europa Star

Sequent is launching its new SolarCharger® smartwatch, powered with the largest single cell solar panel in a hybrid smartwatch. The model is made of stainless steel and for the first time, cases using upcycled #Tide ocean material, making it the lightest watch the brand has ever made.

A Blog to Watch

...the in-house Sequent SC 2.2 movement is really the star of the show, from a watch lover’s perspective. It uses a traditional rotor made of tungsten to generate power from the movement of the wrist and turns it into stored electricity for the watch..

Dieline Award

Winner - 2nd place in the Dieline 2021 awards for sustainable design for the luxury products category.

SEQUENT Proves Sustainability can Infiltrate The Luxury Sector...


Elektron: Sequent is back for more!

Invention of the hand-wound smartwatch. Now, the brand is pursuing its quest to achieve “the best of both worlds” with the Elektron, which continues to be supported vociferously by a community that is keener than ever

Watch Pro

Swiss start up Sequent is ramping up promotion of its revolutionary self-charging smartwatch that uses the same charging system as a traditional automatic mechanical watch — an oscillating weight that transforms movement into energy.

Instead of a regulated release of that energy to turn a watch’s hands, it is converted into electricity that is used to power both a physical watch face and electronics for sensors and connection to a smartphone app.

Oracle Time

Sequent is changing the smart watch game with hybrid timepieces that have an effective infinite power reserve, ensuring that you are never without the health and fitness information that a smart watch provides. The SuperCharger 2.1 Premium HR combines this supercharger technology with a sleek design, making for a good all-round watch that was more than pleasant to wear for a few days.

Tempus Fugit

I’ll acknowledge that Tempus Fugit probably isn’t the first place you come for news and reviews about smartwatches. That’s ok. Smartwatches aren’t our bread and butter. To be sure, when I got an email connecting me to Sequent co-founder and designer Adrian Buchmann, I had my doubts: what interested did I have with a smartwatch? Then I visited the Sequent site and started learning about the watch. Ahybridsmart watch with an in-house movement, an 18-month standby life, and a proper rotor? Count me in.

The Truth about Watches

...The new Sequent Supercharger is a good looking timepiece; certainly more comely than its predecessor (below). Version 2.0 is a wearable 42.1mm, the indices are applied, the crystal isn’t vintage style and it’s round...

Europa Star

The Smart-Ass Watch is the result of a collaboration between Swiss smartwatch maufacturer Sequent and the artist Second/Second, who has built a solid reputation for modifying vintage watches for the Banksy generation. We all need a little self-motivation and kicks sometimes, and this watch does just that in its own way...

GQ (Germany)

Sequent Elektron: Diese Automatikuhr bietet Smartwatch-Funktionen – ohne lästiges Ladekabel!Die Sequent Elektron könnte als smarte Automatikuhr schon bald den Uhren-Markt revolutionieren. Denn das Beste: Dank ihrer innovativen Technologie und Bauweise lädt sie sich beim Tragen selbst auf. Fitness-Tracking-Optionen lassen sich also ohne Ladekabel nutzen!


Schweizer Watch kann gar den Puls aufzeichnen
Primär ist die Supercharger 2 daher ein Tracker, der Schritte misst und die Daten per Bluetooth ans iPhone oder an ein Android-Handy überträgt. Dort kann man sich in einer speziellen App ein eigenes Trainings-Programm für die tägliche Fitness zusammenstellen. Bei Sportarten wie Joggen wird dies auch gleich mit GPS-Daten getrackt.
Auf der Uhr selbst zeigt ein spezieller Zeiger in der Mitte an, wie viel vom täglichen Trainingsprogramm man bereits absolviert hat. Eine spezielle Version hat gar einen zusätzlichen Pulssensor eingebaut.

A Blog To Watch

Swiss brand Sequent, a leading smart-technology start-up, specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions for the consumer health care sector. The brand first entered the watchmaking world in 2017, with its record-breaking Kickstarter campaign. In the process of launching the company’s inaugural model, the SuperCharger1, Sequent raised over $1,200,000 in pre-orders, making its campaign the most successful to ever come out of Switzerland at the time.


Harry Guhl launched his second series of connected Sequent self-winding watches on Kickstarter this summer, two years after raising CHF 1.2 million for the first collection. A watch collector and art professional, the CEO and President of Sequent had also invested in Czapek & Cie at the time of launch. He plans to equip the next Sequent with a peripheral rotor and to focus firmly on R&D.

Gizmodo (Japan)


Watch Media Online (Japan)


Europa Star

What promises to be the “world’s first kinetic self-charging smartwatch”, the novel timepiece is the creation of a Swiss start-up that’s hoping to revolutionize the smartwatch market.

Oracle Time

The idea behind Sequent smartwatches is one of those quintessential, ‘simple in concept, hard in execution’ kind of deals. On the surface, it’s the coming together of a smart, connected watch and traditional timepiece. There are a few brands that have tried to do similar things in the past to greater or lesser success (usually lesser) but they often tended to be surface level. And we do mean surface – wearables that just happened to have a dial and hands...

New Labels Only

the SuperCharger HR 2.2 looks really good. The polished stainless steel case really attracts the eye and the blue dial also goes well with the rest of the colour accents...

Moon Watch (french)

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The Coolector

Smartwatches are something that are becoming more and more mainstream and if you prefer to have something a bit more tech orientated than traditional on your wrist, you’ll want to sit up and take notice of the Sequent Titanium Elektron Smart Self-Charging Watch which is taking Kickstarter by storm as we speak and has already accrued well over $500k in funding – which is testament to how awesome this smartwatch looks.

Metro News

Smartwatches are great but, in my mind, they have two fundamental drawbacks.

Number one is the fact you’re looking at yet another screen, albeit a small one tucked away on your wrist. The second, is that it’s just another battery to charge.

The avoidance of both these drawbacks is what Sequent want you to appreciate with its latest version of the SuperCharger smartwatch...

Know Techie

Is this the future? This feels like the future.

If I’m looking for a new watch, it’s a hard sell for me to look at any that don’t have some sort of connected features. Things like fitness tracking and auto-sync time are just too useful to pass up. The only problem with adding always-on features is they usually come with a huge hit to battery life, requiring you to recharge your smartwatch frequently.

Startup Ticker

Today’s smartwatches become obsolete when the battery runs out, a problem to which almost no solution existed until Basel based startup Sequent AG emerged in 2016 and revolutionised the market, combining the traditional Swiss watchmaking tradition with cutting edge technology to promote health and sustainability.

NWTV (Netherlands)

De Sequent SuperCharger2 HR is een geweldig apparaat dat zowel stijlvol als nuttig is. Er zijn wat kleine kinderziektes die vooral software-matig zijn en wat storend kunnen zijn, maar het apparaat zelf is top.

La Petite Trotteuse

Généralement, ce genre de montre permet de suivre ses pas (un podomètre), de mesurer sa fréquence cardiaque, et pourquoi pas de recevoir quelques notifications. Mais pour les puristes des montres mécaniques, les connectées font office de vilain petit canard.

Et ça, Sequent l’a compris : la marque sort la première montre (au monde) à être mécanique à remontage automatique ET connectée. Vous avez bien lu. C’est une jolie (r)évolution qui mérite amplement un beau test.


Dix minutes avec Adrian Buchmann et Harry Guhl : découvrez les hommes derrière Sequent

Animée par le désir de créer la toute première montre connectée autonome, Sequent a été créée en 2015 par Adrian Buchmann (CEO) et Harry Guhl (Président exécutif). Qui sont-ils ? Voici la réponse.

Real Leaders

Is This the Tesla of Smart Watches?

A Swiss start-up has created the world’s first kinetic self-charging smart watch.

After more than three years of intensive research and development, Swiss company, Sequent, has launched a smart watch with a breakthrough technology that may redefine the future of all smart devices.

Fabcross (Japan)