SuperCharger 2.2

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Unique technology

We invented the first smartwatch powered by our in-house autonomous and automatic caliber. It converts your motion into electricity through gravity.



Sequent is certified by to offset its carbon footprint for the manufacturing of its products. 

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Ready for any situation. Whenever I decide to go with my SuperCharger, I know I'll be ready. It doesn't matter where you use them, these watch is a great company for your wrist

Theresa Z.

The best watch that I've ever bought. They seem to defy the laws of nature. They've style, comfort, and utility. Every watch that I've seen is lacking in at least one of these aspects so I was pretty blown away by this watch. Pure magic. 10/10 would buy again.

Roger P.

I did follow Sequent since their first Kickstarter and they just got better and better at what they do. Finally I gave up on my iGadget to only focus on what really matter to me.
best automatic watch. Honestly, possibly the best automatic purchased!! Comfortable and practical, yet stylish. I've recommended it to everyone.

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Health features

Monitoring your activity, steps, calories, sport session, heart rate, sleep and even more with Oxygo -state of the art- health coach companion.

Only one planet

Our partnership with myClimate, a Swiss climate protection foundation, enables us to offset 10 times the carbon generated during the making of the watch.

Our story

Sequent was founded in Switzerland in 2016 with a singular focus to improve our health in the most modern and effortless way.