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Get the most of your watch with OXYGO app®. Compatible iOS 15+

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Get the most of your watch with OXYGO app®. Compatible Android 7+

Set up your watch

Quick start

Activity monitoring

By default the subdial hand shows the daily step count as a percentage of your total goal.

Subdial step count automatically resets at midnight.


Press the crown 1 time and it will flash blue. That means the watch is awake and ready to connect and sync via the sync button of the app. It will stop sync after 5 minutes.

The watch can store up to 2 weeks of data. We recommend a sync every 2 to 3 days.

Heart rate

4 fast presses on the crown will trigger an instant heart rate reading visible for 5 seconds (read takes about 30 seconds).

For good readings please make sure the watch is tight enough and properly positioned, two fingers above your wrist bone.

*Only on certain models

Power reserve

Power reserve

Quickly double press the watch crown and subdial hand will show the remaining power reserve.

Subdial hand returns to displaying daily Step count percentage after 5 seconds.

Below 40%

The watch will disable Syncing, Updating, and HR recording functions when the battery falls to 40%.

The watch will still continue displaying time.

Empty power

When the power reserve falls below 10%, the subdial hand will point 11 o’clock and the time will rest at 10:10. 

Please do not try to wake the watch until you have fully charged it again.

Workout mode

Start workout

To start a workout session long press the crown (approximately for 2 seconds) until you see a blue LED blink, after that release the crown immediately and then quickly tap 2 times.


The workout mode started once
the watch blinked purple
and the hour hand rotated 360°.

HR models will measure
and display the pulse.

Stop workout

To end a Workout session tap the crown quickly 3 times. It will be followed by hour hand rotation of 360° counterclockwise.


Yellow light - Charging

The watch and charger LEDs will light up in yellow to indicate charging.

Green light - Full Charge

The watch and charger LEDs will light up in Green to indicate the watch is fully charged. Normal charging takes 60 minutes.

Power cycling charge (before first use, after Firmware update, after a long time without use) takes 120 minutes (leave the watch on the charger for an additional hour after the Green LED lights up).

Warning - Red light

The LED on the backup Charger will light up as Red to indicate there is no watch detected.

The LED on the backup Charger will flash Red to indicate the watch has not been placed securely in the Charger.

Extra notes

Watch winder

Do not place the watch in a normal watch winder as it won’t generate energy and will keep the watch ‘awake’, thereby draining the power reserve and create unnecessary wear on the bearings.

Charging speed

Fast movements such as jogging will generate more energy than slow movements.

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